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Redes Sociais

Character Information
Name:Fiire Soul Returns [DELETED]
Profession:Fight Champion
Guild Membership:Member of the Deletera Returns
Last login:6 February 2018, 9:57 pm
Created:4 January 2013, 12:04 pm
Pokemon Slot:Contains a Gligar, [F]ST[+0]+E[0]=[0].(265598)
Pokemon 2:Contains a Hariyama, [M]ST[+1]+E[4]=[5].(279332)
Pokemon 3:Contains a Abra, [M]ST[+0]+E[0]=[0].(264286)
Pokemon 4:Contains a Flygon, [F]ST[+5]+E[0]=[5].(264285)
Pokemon 5:Contains a Shiny Gengar, [F]ST[+21]+E[23]=[44].(264287)
Pokemon 6:nothing

Account Information
Created:4 May 2012, 11:15 pm
Account Status:Free Account [Banished until 15 May 2021, 19:19]

1. BankaizxNibiru9 Elite TrainerOffline
2. Fiire SooulPandora10 Elite TrainerOffline
3. Fiire SoulPandora15 Pokemon TrainerOffline
4. Fiire Soul Returns [DELETED]Nibiru230 Fight ChampionOffline
5. Fire SooulPandora13 Pokemon TrainerOffline
6. Fire Soul BackPandora11 Elite TrainerOffline
7. Fire Soul DenovoPandora10 Elite TrainerOffline
8. Fire Soul EternoNibiru10 Elite TrainerOffline
9. Fire Soul FusionNibiru13 Elite TrainerOffline
10. Fire Soul PandorinhaPandora11 Elite TrainerOffline
11. Fire Soul ReturnsNibiru12 Elite TrainerOffline
12. FusionzinhoNibiru10 Elite TrainerOffline
13. Kurosaki ToushirouNibiru9 Elite TrainerOffline
14. Toushirou KurosakiNibiru9 Elite TrainerOffline

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